Life and Adventures

Where will this lead me?

It’s currently 9:07 PM and tonight, I challenge myself to write my thoughts even just for five minutes. Tonight, I was reminded that I should be enjoying my life and not waste it on meaningless things. As I think about it, I think most of the things I do in my life right now are… Continue reading Where will this lead me?

Life and Adventures

Not Again, Not Again

It has to stop and I stopped it myself

I know, I know it was wrong that’s why I did

They say it’s inevitable, a natural human thing

But it’s never the same for me

I make the same mistakes over and over again

I am tired and mindless

Despite this, life goes on, continues as we live imperfect lives striving to be perfect

Close enough to be good, close enough…

I am a sinner, I am unworthy, I am imperfect

But we always go back to Him to ask for repentance

To lead a brighter life with His grace

And live in peace.