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`Cause I Feel Like Ariel

It was my grandmother’s birthday and she celebrated it at Saniya Resort here at Dasmariñas City which is really popular with the people here this summer. My whole family’s here. It wasn’t that hot. Perfect timing for swimming.

My siblings and cousins were all excited, `cause they’ll be swimmin’ and they”ll be runnin’. But who cares? I waaant mooore~ *inserts Ariel’s voice here* I wanna be where the people are… Hahaha. Kidding aside, we went there and took pictures with different cartoon characters which it is known for. Too bad, didn’t see someone cute/handsome there. Really, wala e. Puro matatanda na at mga bata yung nandoon. Hahahaha! Still, I did enjoy this once-in-a-while summer getaway. Till next year!

my sisters, Dyanne and Daphnie, having such a good time.
my dear beloved sissies and couzies.
DSC_0231 (2)
They have beautiful flowers there.

I had fun, really. There’s still 2 months until college but hey, time flies fast, right?

So as long as I have time, I’m gonna savor each moment or as we humans simply call… sleeping.


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