Life and Adventures

Sariaya, Quezon

My mom tagged me along in her office mate’s wedding. Well, it wasn’t as romantic as I expected but meh, it’s their wedding. This was kind of a getaway for me because I was kind of getting bored stuck inside the four walls of my room (Though it was partly my fault `cause I don’t really want to go outside our house just because). I find the church architecturally beautiful and oh, the stained glasses are so pretty too.

We stayed in a resort where there is a pool but I didn’t swim there. To tell you the truth, I just slept there. I actually enjoyed it because who wouldn’t enjoy the relaxing breeze you’ll feel once you wake up? It really felt good hearing the birds sing different melodies. We stayed there for only 2 days and a night but that’ll do. `Hoping to have some more sleep in the future.






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