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[LAB 1 + LAB 2] The Start of Something New (INTRO 101 in IT 1)

Heeeyaaaa! I’d like to start this post with the quote:

“And the most important step of all is the first step. Start Something.” 

So I opened this blog a few months back in summer but I haven’t published that many posts. So since I already have a blog, I didn’t bother to make another blog for our IT1. This is actually going to be our project for our Laboratory Class in IT1 so I probably would be publishing posts every week.

To be honest, I am not much of a geek in terms of computer stuffs and the likes but I am really going to try hard to learn . The discussion in our Lab class started last week which I thought was really cool because it was my first time handling with a computer with an Ubuntu Operating System. I found the programming environment interesting especially the “Command Line Interface” or the CLI because it isn’t the usual stuff we use to make files. We actually just made a folder an an empty file but when I made it using the “terminal”, I just felt so brilliant.

I also found out that you can search the list of folders you have inside a folder using the command “ls” and you can also search words in the dictionaries like the words starting with “heart” Oh, and speaking of “heart” we had a quiz last time and I totally forgot how to search “heart” through the terminal and that’s the reason why I was stuck in the lab for a couple of minutes. Thank God for that invisible light bulb on my head when I finally figured out how.

me making the folders through terminal be like ^

As for this meeting, we learned about CMS or Content Management System. In short, no CMS= no




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