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That Girl You Didn’t Know Of


I am the author of this blog and today’s post would be all about me. Well, I know I’m not that interesting but you know, just bear with me for a while… plus this is my blog so I can post whatever I want.

  • I am Danica Louise, some call me Dang, some Dani, and for some, just Dan.
  • I like painting (watercolor as my medium) because it helps me relieve stress.
  • I also draw portraits using charcoal and graphite pencils.
  • I am very silent when it comes to large groups or when there are too many people around.
  • Thanks for reading this post.
  • I like keeping my circle small.
  • I love God and God loves me.
  • I love my family and friends.
  • I like keeping a journal to keep track of what’s happening in my life (I have lots of them)
  • Absentminded person
  • Forgive me if I forgot your name already
  • I love reading books. Fiction novels mostly Romance, Comedy, and Science Fiction.
  • I have so many dreams that I can’t pick one and now I’m stuck here trying to figure out what to do with my life.
  • When I feel down, I listen to the GazettE (J-Rock Band) because their music uplifts my spirit.
  • When I am happy I listen to Coffee Boy (K-indie) because listening to him makes me feel so light and happy.
  • I love OPM (Parokya ni Edgar, Kyla, Lea Salonga) and  K-pop (SHINee and Seventeen).
  • SHINee World forever!
  • K-Drama is life.
  • I love chick flicks.
  • Trying to be optimistic in everything.
  • Yet always anxious in everything.
  • I like to plan.
  • Once you get to know me, you’ll like me better.(I hope.)
  • Call me when you need a friend.
  • Currently practicing Tai-chi and it’s really interesting.
  • Talk to me and I’ll talk to you.
  • I don’t like it when people often nag (I mean, I’m a bit crazy too but ugh, sometimes some people keeps pushing it and blah)
  • I like Japanese food.
  • Yes, I am a short girl and most of the time, I feel invisible.
  • Disney is ♥.
  • Confused.
  • I heart you ♥

14 thoughts on “That Girl You Didn’t Know Of

  1. Hey Danica, thank you for subscribing to my blog. You are always welcome to my blog. I don’t believe anybody is not interesting. Everybody is unique and since you already mentioned who you are, you are interesting. My name is Matthew Castillo and college student who is uses this blog to write news on anime and reviews. O:-)

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      1. Thanks. I noticed you mentioned that you love God. I haven’t made a page yet on my blog, but if you have time, check the bible verses I posted listed on the categories. Read them and share them.

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      2. That is great to hear. You may feel that you are small in this world, but remember the story of David and Goliath. David was a small person who took take down a giant with rocks and a slingshot. He did with God by his side. God is with you and He will do great things in your life. You can count on Him. There is no doubt about that 😉

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      1. That’s the sad part. I haven’t watched any for a while now 😦 The last drama I watched was DOTS and I was not able to finish it 😦 Ano na bang maganda ngayon? Hehe. Bibili ako sa off ko.


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