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That Girl You Didn’t Know Of


Hello! I am the author of this blog and today’s post would be all about me. Well, you may or may not find this interesting, but you know, just bear with me for a while… plus this is my blog so I can post whatever I want. Okay? Okay. First, know that this blog was created as a requirement for a course subject of mine, IT1. I had a blogspot blog but then I enjoyed the wordpress community more with such interesting people so… yeah, here I am now.

  • My name is Danica, an 18 year old BA Communication Arts student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños.
  • I am really a short girl. For real. And if ever you have some advice on how to grow taller, please tell me so fast because the time is ticking and I have no time to waste.
  • I am a sucker for romance stuff. Movies, music, art, books, whatever… I guess it’s cute to see that atleast there are some people are happy with their love lives. Just kidding. Hmmm… I don’t know why I like cheesy stuff. Maybe because love feels good and bad. Love makes you smile and cry. It’s amazing. For someone who hasn’t really fallen in love yet, it makes me wonder how it feels sometimes. Ew, what the heck am I saying.
  • I tend to overthink sometimes… I think you’ll notice that in my posts though. I just want my life all planned out, but you know, that’s not how life works. It’s unpredictable. But still! I can’t help it!
  • I love God and God loves me. When I’m sad, happy, or whatever I feel, He is always there to share all those emotions with I. I’m proud to say that He is my constant friend and He is the one who saved me despite of everything that I am.
  • I’m a family oriented person. Everything I work hard for right now is not just for myself but also for them. I just want to give them all that’s best. Also, I like to keep my circle small. I mean, I think everyone of us always have this group whom you would always treasure that no matter how shit you are, they are always there to accept you and love you too. It’s not that I avoid meeting new people. I love meeting new people. But you know, despite of all the new friendships you make, no matter how huge your network is, diba we always have these friends we always come back to.
  • I like to draw, paint, and all the artsy stuff. I can’t say that I’m great at those things, I consider myself mediocre. Meh. Though I want to improve, I can’t find time because you know how college works… One time you’re enjoying free time, and the next thing you know, you have 4 papers, 3 long exams, and stuff that you did not even notice cause you enjoyed your free time too much.
  • I’m also quite a silent person when it comes to large groups or when there are too many people around. Especially when the people around knows one another… I can’t bear to say even a single word. Syempre ano yon, bida-bida diba. But believe me, I’m talkative when it comes to my friends. And I respond naman if you talk to me.
  • I’m an absent minded person… yes, I am weak in the memory area. That’s why I have many journals since elementary -to keep track of what’s happening in my life. Also, I want to record my thoughts and my experiences so that in case I forget them, there would me something to remind me of these nearly forgotten memories. (Char! Ang drama) Wala lang, it feels good to look back to the things you’ve been through in the past, good or bad.
  • I love reading books. Fiction novels mostly Romance, Comedy, and Science Fiction.
  • I have so many dreams that I can’t pick one and now I’m stuck here trying to figure out what to do with my life.
  • I listen to a wide range of music. When I feel down, I listen to the GazettE (J-Rock Band) because I like banging my head with their music. Their sound uplifts my spirit. I also listen to various K-indie music like Coffee boy, and J-rabbit because listening to them makes me feel so light and happy. You know, the kind of music you listen to sometimes during a Sunday where you feel happy to oblige doing the household chores. I listen to K-pop and my favorite Korean boy band is SHINee. I’ve been a fan since second year high school. And of course, I love OPM! I listen to Parokya ni Edgar, Kyla, Lea Salonga and lots of OPM alternative bands. Oh, and I also love theater musicals.
  • Despite everything, I try my best to be optimistic. Because who else would lift you up best but yourself right? It’s all in the mind. And it’s also one reason why I keep posting in this blog -to uplift myself… It make me realize things -that I can become a better version of myself if I just keep trying and not wallow in my misery.
  • Confused.

Thanks for getting this far!

14 thoughts on “That Girl You Didn’t Know Of

  1. Hey Danica, thank you for subscribing to my blog. You are always welcome to my blog. I don’t believe anybody is not interesting. Everybody is unique and since you already mentioned who you are, you are interesting. My name is Matthew Castillo and college student who is uses this blog to write news on anime and reviews. O:-)

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      1. Thanks. I noticed you mentioned that you love God. I haven’t made a page yet on my blog, but if you have time, check the bible verses I posted listed on the categories. Read them and share them.

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      2. That is great to hear. You may feel that you are small in this world, but remember the story of David and Goliath. David was a small person who took take down a giant with rocks and a slingshot. He did with God by his side. God is with you and He will do great things in your life. You can count on Him. There is no doubt about that 😉

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      1. That’s the sad part. I haven’t watched any for a while now 😦 The last drama I watched was DOTS and I was not able to finish it 😦 Ano na bang maganda ngayon? Hehe. Bibili ako sa off ko.


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