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One More Chance. One More Layf.

20150923_192034Last Wednesday, September 23, 2015, my super classmate and I attended the Freshman Treat: One More Layf at the Baker Hall. It was just on the right time because during this time, we are all so stressed about the acads (LEs, speeches, quizzes, group activities). So they informed us freshies how we give our hearts to other stuff and only a little part will be left to God. It also pertains that we are so busy with other things that sometimes we forget how we are supposed to live. In this time of need, what we need most is the guidance from the Lord. He gave us this life and so it is only right for us to uplift everything we do for him. I also learned that in times that we are lost, God can find us and make us whole again. Just like what they said on One More Layf, ” He loved me at my worst”.

20150923_190853 20150923_190833

20150923_191443Β 20150923_190619


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