Tommy Esguerra (Is For Real)

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I’ve already read too many novels.

I know.

When I first saw him on TV, I wondered if what I am seeing is for real, because Tommy Esguerra is totally like a fictional character brought to life. Well, I am making this post I am really bothered here while I am making my reviewers for the upcoming second long exams (Wow.) because my family is watching PBB 737’s Big Night where he won as the 2nd Big Placer (And they are like wooo! yeeeah!! yahooo!!!) Not that I am not captured by his majestic existence, it’s just that I just happen to know what’s more important to do now.

But still.

I just can’t help myself from visualizing him as a hero in a novel (if I am going to make one) because hello? Long hair, handsome, tall, friendly guy? Totally perfect for a hero in a romance novel! Plus his smile… ugh. He could be the friendly neighbor or maybe a naughty rockstar. He’s such an inspiration to my tangled imagination. Like, I really REALLY want to start a novel RIGHT NOW. I HAVE TO WRITE!

Unfortunately, I can’t because of life (acads).

I just can’t really concentrate without letting all the feels out in me. So here you go. Tommy Esguerra.

Now, hello there reality.

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