Life and Adventures

I can’t


Can I just not live?

Fake smiles, fake laughs

Pretending that I’m okay

When I am definitely not

Cause I’m wrecked

I’m confused

I’m incomplete Continue reading “I can’t”

Life and Adventures

Late Night Random Thoughts

*randomly appears out of nowhere* Before you continue on reading this, make sure that you are open on spending your time unwisely. Okay? Okay. Have you ever felt like you really need to do something while you are doing nothing? Ever since the Christmas break I haven’t been really comfortable doing nothing that all this… Continue reading Late Night Random Thoughts


[Grp. 12] Disaster Preparedness Plan

Due to climate change, our weather has become quite unpredictable. And due to these unsettling phenomena, it causes more changes in the world’s state. The typhoon strike in most countries near the Pacific Ocean experiences the fury and thus it leads to the disaster that takes away not just properties, but also people’s lives and… Continue reading [Grp. 12] Disaster Preparedness Plan