[Grp. 12] Disaster Preparedness Plan

ohyeahDue to climate change, our weather has become quite unpredictable. And due to these unsettling phenomena, it causes more changes in the world’s state. The typhoon strike in most countries near the Pacific Ocean experiences the fury and thus it leads to the disaster that takes away not just properties, but also people’s lives and the peace among their place. It seems inevitable for all of us to encounter these calamities head-on. And so, the question is: Are we ready for this? Are we ready to face the consequences set by the incoming calamities?

The world has its own version of disseminating information regarding proper mitigation for disaster preparedness. Some were successful but there were also who failed to decrease the rate of damage. It will always be true that โ€œPrevention is better than cureโ€. There may be visible preparations seen from social media but sometimes people take these for granted. They disregard the reminders and confident enough that they are capable of saving themselves on their own. With this, there should be mutual actions done by both sides. There should be cooperation because disaster preparedness is a serious matter that deals with life and death.

In the past few years, the Filipinos encountered numerous tragedies like Ondoy and Yolanda. Because of that, people became more careful and aware of their situation. In Marikina after typhoon Ondoy, residents became more obedient to the local government. People would immediately evacuate once the Barangay Hall announces so. It also has sirens heard around the Marikina River and more life boats to use on rescue operations. But before at the community, preparedness for such calamities must start at home. It must be practiced with the family.

To be prepared, a family must, first, haveย a habit to be attentive in the latest happenings around the globe, especially with the weather. Second, the family shall be secure. By secure, we mean that in case of emergency, the family must check if all the members are safe and present. Next is to save up. Keep the valuables like money, credit cards, and other important documents in a safe place in case the calamities happen. In addition, families must also have a first-aid kit, in case anybody is harmed. Lastly, it is important to stock up canned goods, flash light, radio, flashlights, batteries, and other necessary things, so that in case of emergency, there will still be available resources that the family can use to save them.

Preparation is what we must practice in order to be ready for the calamities that we will encounter. Preparations will make us stronger, so we better start as soon as possible.



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