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Life and Letters

DSC_0074Captured by how words can also be visually beautiful through calligraphy, I decided to try the art of brush lettering last summer. But since I’ve been occupied by my academic life these past months, I haven’t been able to practice it. So now that I’m on Christmas vacay, I think it’s time to give a little more time for my new hobby (and in reading, and in painting too *giggles*)

Brush lettering has been my way of calming myself (aside from painting) and it’s really cool how few words will describe how you feel, or just describe anything that pops on your mind. It can be a little hard in the start cause there are too many things to consider like  the pressure that you will give on the brush, the angle of your hand as you are writing (because changing it would make the font different) and most of all, the water that the brush will hold, once you dip it in the water and in the watercolor.

I really really want to attend workshops for lettering, painting and other interesting stuff but I always end up here, in bed, staring at the ceiling. (Plus most of the workshops are held in Manila, too bad for me. Huhu)  Anyway, if you want to try brush lettering yourself, I have two words -practice and experiment. Once you get the hang of it, it would be easier for you to use the brush (although sometime it’s still hard for me because of my pasma [what’s pasma in English? Hahaha]).  Just practice a lot, if you have free time or maybe when you’re feeling sad, or happy or whatever, take that as cue to try brush lettering. Mood affects your art. Lastly, experiment. Try different techniques or better, invent one. Try different colors and washes. And oh! Watching tutorial videos in Youtube, Facebook and Instagrams really really helps! Have fun! 🙂

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