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Late Night Random Thoughts


*randomly appears out of nowhere*

Before you continue on reading this, make sure that you are open on spending your time unwisely.

Okay? Okay.

Have you ever felt like you really need to do something while you are doing nothing? Ever since the Christmas break I haven’t been really comfortable doing nothing that all this time, I’ve just been wasting my time planning my life, thinking about something productive to do, unknowingly ending doing nothing at all at the end of the day. Then, repeat everyday. Not that I don’t like doing nothing (in fact I’m enjoying it, really), I was just used to reviewing , doing papers and stuff every night these past months, that’s why.

I feel like doing something tonight. I have already watched 9 episodes of One Punch-Man in one day yesterday so I don’t feel like watching anime today. I don’t feel like writing or painting either. I’d like to read a book but I’m charging my brother’s tablet (for ebooks) so I have to wait until it gets atleast 50% charged. So let me just pour my thoughts right here, as the world spins around, as time pass by, as stare at this monitor (that’s too low, so it’s very very bad for my posture), as I constantly type nonsense things unworthy of your time.

You know, I have been really busy these past months because of my first semester in college. You know, freshie, I have to be , bibo-bibo pa. Hahaha! But I sure hope that I would stay like that until the end of my college days, if doing that means I’d get a good grade. Well, actually, I haven’t really been bibo-bibo, to be honest. I was still this sleepy, lazy, unpredictable kind of girl, but more studious. I am still not the kind of girl who recites. I would love to but really, I can’t. Don’t know why.

Fact: I’m not a good writer. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about how you make a good paper. I really want to train myself to write a good paper. As you know, I am a Communication Arts student, so given that, I want to know how to make a good composition. And how do you widen your vocabulary? Really? Sure, some would say, “Read a lot of books!”, or “Use those complicated words in your everyday life” but wouldn’t that sound weird? I mean. Yeah, it would. Who do I get to talk to? My brothers and sisters? I barely even get out of the house! With people around the neighborhood… Probably, I’ll just talk to myself, as always. Is there some kind of meds to be a genius or something? Kidding.

Being in a university was a looooot different from high school. Well, for one anyone can wear whatever the heck they want. They can do whatever they want, without their parent’s permission. Yeah, too much freedom, I dare say. Not that I hate being in the university, I mean, hello? I am in the top university of the Philippines. (not bragging though) It’s just that, you know, being away from my family is hard… I guess, it’s normal to feel this way, given that I’m still a freshman. But another is that, it is very, very expensive to be a college student. I mean, you pay all the bills! (though, your parents give you the allowance) You budget your money for food, laundry, supplies and other stuff. Plus, I am surrounded by, I-don’t- know- how-their-brain-works-they-look-normal-to-me-but-deym-they’re-awesome kind of people.

So, I think of things like that. But afterwards, I would think that it’s okay to be average, or stuff like that. I am a comforter of myself.Which is weird I think. I don’t know. I always find a way to be positive in life. When I’m down or like, I’m being negative, I surf the internet, and search stuff in Pinterest like, “Quotes about life”, “Quotes about Hope”, or something like that. Or sometimes, I paint. Even if I have piles of things to do, I would take a break and paint or scribble something. Laaaaaaame!

I know I’m a mess. I’m a bad writer. Wouldn’t say I’m a bad artist cause I know my works aren’t that bad. I’m not a bad singer or a guitarist either. I’m just average really. So, I really can’t say I excel in a thing or two. I just like exploring different things that I find another stuff to do just before I excel in it.

Random!!! So random that this post is so random too. I’ll just write whatever. I know no one would care to read this anyway. Hahaha! So to whoever may read this… thanks.

Ughhh. I am so tired of all the stuff happening around me. If I could just tell someone everything. Like a psychiatrist, or a someone. Now, I am out of words. I don’t know what to write anymore.

Now, I don’t feel like writing anymore. Nor do I feel like painting, or watching a movie or something. I guess I should read now.

*randomly disappears in your imagination*


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