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It’s a Brand New Year!

Hey there, people! Long have I not blogged but now I have returned. 🙂

This will be my very first post for 2016 (yey!) and I am both excited and nervous about what’s gonna happen in my life next. Welp, 2015 was a blast (both positively and negatively) but even so, I managed to suvive. The start of 2016 means a start of a new semester… and I am quite not ready yet. (Who isn’t?) Although, I think I’ve had enough time to rest and to be with my family. Speaking of family, my New Year’s Celebration was really fun since there was a lot of food, and it was loud as per usual, and of course, it was a great bonding time with my loved ones.

On New Year’s Eve, we waited until it’s 12 midnight, prayed, and started to eat. There were a lot of firework, but not as many as before because it’s been banned by the government to use such dangerous firecrackers. My siblings and I shouted “Happy New Year” to everyone, as they blow their hornpipes and go crazy as my mother throw coins in every corner of the house. The next day, the first day of the year, we went to the mall, together with my other relatives. It was cool hanging out with them though we got separated because we went to the bathroom, and when we came back, they’re gone. We also went to the arcade where the little ones danced with Just Dance 2015 and they were really good at it. Finally, we went to the city park, took pictures and stuff, and gladly came home.

There is something this year that I am really feeling positive about. I believe many great things are about to happen. I know this year isn’t gonna be a perfect one, because there isn’t. Problems come at us unexpectedly. So I always have to be on guard. But I know that God will always be there to guide us on our way. So still gotta be an optimist every time I wake up.

As I’ve said earlier, a new semester is about to start. This will be my second semester in University of the Philippines- Los Baños. I’m looking forward to discovering more food when I get there, and of course, I want to see my friends too (and to study hehe~).


This is not good bye.

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