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Astounded with Acads

Heeeyyy~ School started last week and things are getting out of hand day by day. The reading lists that have been loaded to me (and my classmates) have got all my weekends booked, so there’s almost no time for fun. But I guess that’s college. Don’t get me wrong though, I love reading, and the novels/readings given to us all looks superb and interesting. However, with all the stuff going on with my I’ve neglected my blog too much. Since my second year in college has already started last week, I guess there is no backing out now. Though I find this semester very tiring (and it’s just the second week!), I find it very engrossing.So today, I decided to share my musings about my present classes for this semester.

My first class during Tuesdays and Thursdays, Soc 130 (Social Psychology), has a very jolly prof and it really makes me glad that her personality suits the time slot of our class which is 8:30 in the morning. I’m also looking forward to the activities that we will be participating in, like social experiments, because it is fascinating to see how crowds react to a certain situation similarly or differently, depending on their personalities or some aspect that would affect their perspective on that certain situation. My second class, Jap 10 (Elementary Japanese) is also fun and amusing for me, especially when our prof talks in Japanese. Though our prof here makes like hundreds (lol exaggerating) of joke attempts per meeting, and deep inside I hear myself saying “Sir…really? *then imaginary facepalm*”.  My main goal for Jap 10 is that I would at the very least construct Japanese sentences myself and strike a conversation with the right grammar. Oh, and the writing too! Though I’m currently finding it hard to memorize them all, Katakana and Hiragana. Go self! Finally, my Taekwondo class, which drained all my energy even if it was just for an hour. I barely felt my legs after the class and was totally tipsy, I felt like a drunken lunatic.

My Wednesday and Friday classes are not only energy draining but also brain draining. First off – Nasc 6, which is about Food and Nutrition. It starts at 7 a.m. in the morning and I really feel sleepy every time. However, the prof was really grandmother -like in my perspective because while she is lecturing, she incorporates real life happenings and advice which makes the class livelier. This class is actually a large class, and the students are arranged alphabetically, so obviously, I am at the back. But no matter how far I am from the front, where she is, she still gets my attention. Every meeting, she never fails to tell us that “it is the right time to look for partners”. According to her, when we get a job in the future, we will be too busy to look for someone who will make our heart boom boom boom. Well, at least she cares about our future. She is very grandmother-like, really. Then, the Hum 3 (Reading Film, Television, and the Internet). The thing in this class is that, you’ve got to be very attentive on the details. Or in the meaning. I kind of find our prof here kind, cause he seems nice and he makes light jokes (and he got too many prerogs [u so nice sir]). I hope I’d be confident in this class because recitation has a high percentage in the grading system. I hope he’s also nice when it comes to grades.

Then my favorite subject for this semester, Eng 4 or World Literature. Ah, yes. I am very excited to hear what my prof here is about to discuss every time. Though he speaks fast, it was fast enough for us to comprehend what he was talking about. What I also like in this class is that I can feel our prof’s passion or books and as we talk about books, it is not only about the book that we will be talking about but also about the writer, or the context, or the social/cultural/historical etc. relevance of the novels and its impact to the world as a literary canon. I also like that in our course syllabus, there was an essay about Jane Austen’s novel Mansfield Park, which I have not finished yet, though I barely started it, and it was negatively criticized by the essayist. Though it was in a dark perspective, I was glad that Jane Austen was included. Jane Austen, ftw. Austenite and proud. Also, through this class, I am more eager to read more books with historical relevance from different countries, unlike before where I only take interest of romance novels. I want to know why these books are included in our reading list, and I certainly hope that as I real the novels, I will not only learn from it but also take pleasure while reading it.

And lastly, a core/major course which will tackle about language and communication. I feel like this class will be very heavy, not only literally (because the reading are wow) but also mentally (because theories, they’re wow too). The official lecture has not yet been officially started but we were given readings which shall be read before next week for we will be having a quiz about it. But I like our prof because she’s young and cool. And also, I like her style. After her class, we pass by the room next to our where my roommate and I find cute. So there goes my last class, ending with a smile. (Thank you sir, and don’t you ever close that door of your room haha).

At the end of the day, there are loads of materials to be read, watched, analyzed. But this is a part of our course, and a part of who we are. Being in this field requires breathing arts and letters. Literature will forever be a part of us, and no matter how hard it is, we still continue to persevere because we all know that in the end… it doesn’t even matter (kidding! ). In the end, everything we have worked hard for is worth it. Because this is our passion.


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