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It’s Here!: Tabby Cow’s Jane Austen Package

Hey, lovely people! I have a lot of extra time today `cause I would just study later, so why not write, right? Okay… let’s go!

Before summer vacation ended, I joined a Jane Austen giveaway hosted by Cass and Ada of Tabby cow, and just a week after school started,  I found out through my e-mail that I won!  I WON!!! I was so excited, I didn’t know what to reply, or what I should do… I just feel like something’s gonna burst somewhere in my body! I mean, it’s Jane Austen, you guys. Jane Austen stuff! For free! I never really thought that I would actually have a chance to win this because there were so many entries in the giveaway. After calming down for quite sometime, I replied to Cass and n about the end of August, it finally got here!

Well, I wasn’t actually at home that time cause I was here at the university. It was my mom who called me from home and told me there is a package for me waiting. That day, I was actually dizzy and sleepy due to the medicine that I’ve taken (or maybe I was just sleepy at my classes, just because). But after that, I felt so energetic and my mouth just can’t help but smile. I felt like wooooh! So yeah, I’ll go show you here what I’ve got!

A postcard! This is my first time to receive a post card from anybody, and it felt really sweet receiving one. It felt more real because I have this… 

Lovely front of the post card

A set of Jane Austen bookplates and a set of Bennet sisters badge

A silver Jane Austen silhouette charm made exclusively for the Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop in Bath (My faaaaaaave!!!)

A map of Bath in the time of Jane Austen (which I think would be really fun to look at while reading Austen novels)

A laminated bookmark and a build-your-own Chawton Cottage

Cass and Ada’s lovely book, “The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen”

and lastly, this cutie-patootie Mr. Darcy mini-easel and canvass!


So here’s all that. Again, I REALLY REALLY WANT TO THANK YOU Cass and Ada for all these wonderful stuff that I sure will treasure forever. Sending so much love to you both. God bless your friendship, and I do hope you two would collaborate some more all for the love of Jane Austen. Do check out their blog Tabby Cow to find some more interesting stuff about Jane Austen, friendship, and more!

Thank you so much for today! Ciaooo~



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