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Sonia francesca and Sofia Booksigning @ SM Dasma




Heyaa~ It’s been days since I planned on going to book signing of one of my favorite Filipino authors, Sonia francesca. She is a romance novelist, particularly known for being the author of Stallion Series, and other numerous romance series that I’ve been reading. I’ve been reading her works since I was like 11 years old (?) and I loved the combination of romance, comedy thrown in with handsome young men. Well, mostly businessmen. But they’re all fictional so yeah… I gre up with such high standards because of them. Anywaaaay, I was really all excited and flattered, especially when it was my turn during the book signing, only to find out that she knows me!

Well, we are friends on Facebook, but I didn’t really expect her to know me, you know. That’s why I was really at awe when she wrote “Glad to finally meet you” on my book.


I also met new people who are also fans of her work. They are all actually older than me, but the feelings are all the same. While we were in line, we were talking as if we’ve already been friend for a long time. I really had a good time and I hope I’ll see her again time (with my mom)~~


My face looked so big in the pics!!! No!





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