Hello. Tonight I am supposed to do my take home midterm examination for a major subject but my mind is really unfocused right now, and I want it to focus on something. So I have decided to write here, after so many months I can’t help but come back here. Oh well, it not that interesting, but I just want to share how much by time I slowly realize that I am almost halfway through in my college journey. It wasn’t long ago when I first entered here, and now this coming May, my second year is about to end. I’m just so thankful to God that after all these time, he has never failed to support me in all my activities, my goals, and my dreams. Every week, we experience different kinds of pressure but I’m happy we survive every time. And I am also happy I found people who was worth spending time with. Sometimes we come to a point where one of us becomes weak but everyone is always there, ready to share their strength so that one can stand again.

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