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I Can Do This… Can I?

It’s really August now. I haven’t really felt it that much until I had the taste of bitterness from my enlisted courses this semester. I’m worried that I won’t be able to handle the stress and the pressure surrounding me. Even at this time, I am supposed to be reading an article for tomorrow’s subject but I have to take this nervousness out of my system. God help me. I can see the future and all I see is stress, stress, and stress. Wow. So junior year of college feels like this… or is it only me? My professors this semester are various kinds – terror, moody, boring, fun, despite that, it doesn’t affect the fact that all these courses already buried me in their heavy requisites. I’m trying to stay positive and motivated… and it’s really hard to stay like that. I feel tired already… I need an energizer or something! Plus there are no cuties in my class. I’m sad. 😦 But whatever, I’ll just get this over with, and as always, I’ll do my best. Good luck all those struggling college students out there! We can get past through all these… someday.

P.S. My courses this semester are mostly reading and writing classes. Hopefully, I’ll get better in constructing my sentences and paragraphs next time. I look forward to me becoming better. 🙂


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