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The Night We Got the Babies

Tonight wasn’t bad for a Thursday night. In fact, it was awesome. My roommate who was a member of this agri organization was a part of their event which was a quiz contest wherein she was one of the quiz masters. The quizcon was about general information about animals, so anyone can join but I think I was the only commarts student there. Oh, and it’s actually my first time to join a quizcon in my college life, so wow. Anyway, so my other roommate and I decided to join the contest, added the fact that she would gain a small incentive participating there. Leaving the dorm, the rain started to fall heavily. It was quite gross because all the dirt went on our legs, but thankfully, we got on the venue safely.

Okay, so now the for the event, I didn’t see any familiar face. I was actually impressed by the emcees’ liveliness. They were energetic, and chill. They were just having fun despite of the presence of such respectable professors. The setting was informal but that approach broke the ice easily. For a while, I started to think that sometimes, sophistication on how speak does not even matter as long as the audience is having fun.



The first round was easy. Actually, some of the questions were revealed to us by our roommate so that we can score even just for a bit, haha. Anyway, we already accepted right from the start that we have no chance of winning, and we’re doing this for fun and the free dinner. Second round, third round, our score started to fall down. It was okay though, what we were eyeing also was the raffle which consists of fishes, and a hamster. And guess what? We won! Number 47, yey! It actually came as a shock to us because as they were picking the number, we were talking about how bad our luck is when it comes to raffles. Plus the fact that it seemed that our number was not likely to be picked. But yeah, we won! We won not one, but two fighting fishes! We were so happy that we were ready to go home and not even finish the contest. And it’s really a good thing that we won fishes and not the hamster because a hamster needs high maintenance. Before our curfew, we asked for permission to leave early because we have to get back before 10. So after leaving, we went to Vega first to buy some decent dinner, then got back our dorm just about time.

It felt good to win. Yes, we actually won the contest, not because we got the highest points but because we obtained our goal: we got the fishes.

Now we have a new part of our family. Their names are Dina and Emilio. Funny we already named them before knowing that Emilio is actually a female and Dina is a male. But anyway, we got a male and a female so they can make their own babies someday. Yey! According to what we have research, fighting fishes can live up to 2-3 years so hopefully, they could survive until we graduate.


Our new babies… welcome to 2113!

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