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Oh, Ed

And I’m back in LB. Well, I had to, cause I have to finish (/cram) our paper due Monday. Plus I already accepted the fact that I can’t do my acads at home.

So, I was at the van this mid-afternoon, travelling, sunset and all –quite a nice view actually. I’m somewhere between calming my panicking on my mind on what to write for our paper, and sleeping cause I really freaking tired. Suddenly, this Ed Sheeran song played on the radio (96.3 Easy Rock). I’ve heard the song before but that moment at the van gave me this certain feels that the lyrics really went through my heart (and my soul, char). I just thought that the song was so sweet, and it suddenly came to me that I want to slow dance to this song with my future someone (if ever there would be somebody like that). One more stuff added to my bucket list. It felt good for a while… having the thought of someone you love, dancing slow, feeling both of your heartbeats together. Kinilig ako kahit wala akong jowa. It’s funny how good music can make you fall in love even if you aren’t.

And then I thought of my paper again, nawala lahat ng kilig ko.

This is the song I’m talking about by the way. It’s How would you feel by Ed Sheeran. ♥

Ang sweet diba!

2 thoughts on “Oh, Ed

    1. Same, bigla ako tuloy akong nagkaplaylist ng dreamy love songs like marry me, say you won’t let go, moving closer etc.
      Ay! Ang ganda rin ng falling in love at a coffee shop (luma na siya pero nakakakilig ♥)


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