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Welcome 2018!

2018 has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more anxious. Another 365 days of new possibilities are open, and my chest feels tighter every day. Last year was a year full of ups and downs for me. Well, I could say that it’s balanced. I’ve had enough smiles, and tears for the year to finally let it go. I ended the year without any regrets, what-ifs, or what-might have-beens. I know he is happy now… I know those things happened for a reason, and I decided to finally be happy not just for myself but also for the people I love. Although ‘adulting’ can be quite depressing, I can’t just let myself sulk the whole year, right? So I just have to motivate myself to be positive at all times. Although I know that life is not all rainbows and unicorns, I know there are many great things bound to happen. Hello, 2018! (wow, my voice sounds excited in my head when I said that)

I have so many things to look forward to this year. I hope things will go well!

First, another semester will start again this month. Though, I’m still exhausted with all the pressure and work from the last semester, I have to make myself physically and mentally ready before I enter another semester again. I’m currently registered in five courses this semester, and hopefully, I’d get nice professors and classmates. I look forward to receiving more knowledge, particularly those that I can apply for my future career. Normally, we can have 18 units each semester but I really decided to just take 15 per sem because I want to focus more on my classes. I had the same load last sem, and thankfully, it has been quite fruitful. After this semester, I’ve got three more left, so let’s go!

Second, I’ll be 19 this 23rd… my last year of being a “-teen”, so I might as well enjoy it and make it memorable. Sadly, I have classes on my birthday this year so I think I will be celebrating it with my family on a weekend.

Third, Febfair! Yes, the most awaited event each year. I hope there is a good line-up of bands this year. Oh, and also the Elbikon, which usually happens every after Febfair. Elbikon is a convention for local artists of different media, and I’ve been there for two years. It’s a good stress reliever especially with the workload I’m always having.

Fourth, I’m looking forward to experiencing my internship this year. Hopefully, I’ll be accepted with the companies I’ll be applying to and start on June-July. As a Communication arts student, I’m eyeing for media companies, but I’m fine with any company as long as it has a good reputation and I’d really learn the important things. To be honest, this is the thing I am most anxious about this year. I really really really hope I’d get accepted in a good company.

Fifth, I am looking forward being more mature, and being better. I know I cannot be perfect. We all have flaws. But I want to grow and develop myself, my personality, my skills, my kind of thinking, so that I’d be able to overcome the things that would try to bring me down. I want to become stronger.

That’s all, FOR NOW. To end this post, I just want to thank the Lord for such a blessed year that He has given us. Despite all the tears, He still gives us a lot of reasons to smile. Life is one of them. So let us treasure each moment, each second that we have and spend it wisely. Let’s all have a great year!

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