And when we touched, eletricity flowed through my veins. Various wonders filled my thoughts. I thought of the possibility of us, the possibility of you and me. Together. There were always this secret message everytime you come near. Everytime I look at you. There’s something i can’t decipher at once unless you tell me what it is. I need to know. I’m sorry for being drunk and for the cloudy thoughts that fill my head. But I enjpy every moment that I am drunk. Drunk enough to have the courage to look at you and smile. Drunk enough to hold your hand and be able to enjoy each moment your skin glides against mine. I don’t regret being drunk. I’m drunk but I am aware of how you look at me. And how you slowly walk towards me, or just somewhere near me. I might be looking at you, or not. Maybe I like you, or not. It’s fucking hard to know what is true enough. Or maybe it’s just me imagining things.

See you next time I get drunk again. I hope I can hold your hand longer. I hope I can look at you longer. I hope I can smile at ou longer. Long enough to build up the courage to admit to myself that I like you, or maybe not.

It’s hard to admit my own feelings to myself.

I need to sleep.

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