Life and Adventures

Posible bang sumakit yung puso sa kilig?

I cannot handle this. Ahhhh

I am well aware that I’m stanning the right group. This group has made my heart go crazy and at the same time and for that… my heart is so thankful… I have never felt this way towards other groups and I am proud that it’s them. Our fandom may have gone through painful moments but having to face them with these boys made the pain bearable. Who I am right now, they are one of the reasons why. As years pass, my future is leaning towards them… They are my ball of happiness that pushes me forward to strive harder.

Why am I writing this now? Well, just because. They had a comeback today with the 2nd episode of their album,”The Story of Light”, and I’ve been watching various videos of them. Of course I miss him, but despite this, they have never failed to warm my heart. I know they are sad too… but fans, we have to be strong for them too, right?

For now, I feel like writing in my journal though I’m feeling a little lazy today… They always give me this strength I have never received from others. Theirs are different. All I ask are their hugs. Hope I could get them someday đŸ˜­…

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