What’s up with Last Sem?

So, it’s a new semester, new professors, new classmates, and new responsibilities. I don’t know what force of the universe made me write right now but I don’t know, maybe my hands just want to do it. Anyway, as I start a new semester, I want to take credit for the things I’ve learned this past semester, and maybe give some insights about them. To be honest, I had lighter loads befoire than this semester (15 units, and now 21!) but still I had a really hard time getting to the finish line. So yeah, I really did learn a lot about them and gained friends that made me appreciate my degree program more. Here we go.

Devc 30

Devcom 30 is a course offered by the College of Development Communication and it is an elective that I took back when I was planning my plan of study because I was immersed in journalism in high school. As some might know, I was a broadcast journalist back when I was in high school and I thought that it would really help me learn a lot about broadcasting. And you know what? It did. What I loved about this course is that I was able to have a live radio broadcast all by myself even just for 30 minutes and trust me when I say that I really enjoyed it a lot. I really love listening to the radio especially during long drives to home, and when it’s raining… so it was a dream that I get to be the one who would give the advices and music that the people would listen to. I guess the only not-so downside of this class is that it’s too early for me (not a morning person) and there are many concepts that you should memorize (not good at memorizing stuff).

Spcm 104

Okay, so if you fear public speaking this one is not for you. Or!!! If you would like perhaps to overcome that fear well, have courage and take this class. The course name is “Occasional Speeches” so obviously, we performed speeches. We actually had like 10-12 maybe? This is a core course for all Comarts students and of course, as a speech communication major it is expected of us to be accustomed of speaking in public. However, as you know me, I am quite an introvert so even though I looked like I knew what I was doing I was still uneasy of public speaking. You might be wondering why I took speech communication as my major instead of theater or writing. The truth is I want to overcome this uneasiness when I speak in front of many. I want to be more confident. I don’t want to embrace this feeling of discomfort every time I open my mouth and see someone staring at me, trying to understand every word that I say.Β  For this class, I must say that I have quite improved my confidence in public speaking though not so much. You know, when it’s for your grade you are forced to be confident. You are forced to be articulate. But the most important thing I learned from this class is that every time you speak up, you have to make sure that you know what you’re talking about, because there will always be someone who would be listening to you. And who knows, maybe you could inspire a person or two with your speech.

Thea 101

As a history class, of course, I have already expected that I am going to memorize so many names and concepts about theater. And also a lot of readings. Yes. We read so many plays from Ancient Greece to present and I must say that I appreciated many of them. I mean more than just a required reading. However, the time slot of this subject is what we call here in Ph “patay na oras” which translates weird in English as “dead time”(LOOOL). To cut it short, I slept most of that the time in that class especially it’s an after-lunch subject. A happy tummy leads to sleepy eyes.

Thea 107

This. Wow. The first thing I can say about this is that it is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I mean, countless times I cried for being so tired that I just want to lie down my bed forever. This course is Theater Communication and we are required to be a part of the Theater production we had called “Tingkala”. Tingkala features a bunch of plays written by Filipino playwrights. I was in the Publicity Committee with Juvelle, Rey, Kuya Reinier, Ate Yanna, and Kuya John, and I’m telling you, t’was a solid team right there. We conducted photoshoots and made bunch of publicity materials in facebook and even here in the campus. Oh, and I also had the chance to be an actor (LOL) in one of the musical plays we had entitled “Si Pilandok at ang Batang Hindi Makauwi”. As I’ve said earlier, I am not really used to performing in public but your subject and your grades can make you forced to be used to it. It was all thanks to my professor who recognized my loud voice while I was reporting in class. Actually, I was more nervous back then, because I saw him pointing and pointing at me as I was reporting. I thought I was doing something wrong. But anyway, for this momentous event, my family actually visited UPLB just to see me perform. Yey! Even my cousins and grandparents. I also had a chance to go to Candelaria where Aydol Boni was performed as part of the Publicity Committee. Pubcom dabest!

Fil 150Β 

And finally, I really made this subject last because I really loved and appreciated this one. I’m not a writing major but that doesn’t stop me from writing stuff. And when I say stuff, I mean, writing romance stuff. I specifically chose this course because I like reading novels. Yes, even those Precious Hearts one. I started reading those kinds back when I was in Grade 5 but mind you, I only read Sonia Francesca and Sofia. Their works are kind of the cutesy type without the sexy parts of the novel. Just typical kilig novels. I love them still up to this day and I am still updated of the work they publish currently. However, this class wasn’t only for that. We wrote something out of our comfort zones, not just of romance basically. The course description is actually Writing Popular Stories so we were required to write stories from horror/thriller, romance, erotica, and crime. I really learned a lot from our professor and I was really inspired to write more because of him. He’s really awesome. He even gave me a book! Oh, and he was the playwright of Aydol Boni, one of the plays of Tingkala. DAE to the BAK.

Well, that’s all for my 15 units. Hopefully, I can survive this semester with my 21 UNITS. WAH. Please pray for me. Perhaps I won’t be writing again in this blog for the next few months. Or maybe I will just to rant. Okay, so this ends here.


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