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On re-watching Jane Austen Book Club

It’s been quite so long since I have watched a Jane Austen related movie and this definitely made me nostalgic of my first times in each of the Jane Austen novels. What I liked about this movie is how it gets to materialize the fiction inside Jane Austen’s world. It shows how these novels reflect even the mundane lives of ordinary people. Especially when it comes to love. Love is a complicated thing, and indeed, Jane Austen never failed to show us that it is. It is quite a regret for me that she didn’t get married despite having to write all these wonderful novels we get to enjoy now. However, I am not one to assume that she actually did not fall in love in her lifetime, because she did. She did fell in love. Although, I still find it a shame that she didn’t end up with the one she fell in love with. I am really curious, of course, –of what happened, and how deeply in love she was. So deep that she was able to craft with such sensitivity that was able to creep in every reader’s heart.

Having to watch the movie again, I felt this sudden urge to read all the 6 novels again despite all the things I am compelled to do for my academics. Her works are really meant for pleasure. I can’t imagine myself having to read these books as a requirement or a school work and if it would be, I would gladly. However, it’s only one year more before I finish this degree and I think the courses I am about to take won’t cover that. Back to the movie, it also made me nostalgic of the times I fantasized of all the fictional men in Jane Austen’s novels –their gentleness, passion, and chivalry. I remember my high school years and how I yearned to find those men back then. But having to live in this real world, I realized that such gems would be really hard to find. I have met so many people, and looking at them one by one, I haven’t really found someone like them at all. Perhaps, it was my lack of social capabilities that I am unable to meet more people in the world, or maybe I found one and I was the one at fault for not being able to see it in them. Then again, my standard of men would be of my personal experiences, Jane Austen, and many more of the swoon-worthy materials I inhale’s fault. It made me realize of how different things were back then and now. How Jane Austen wrote it, it just seemed so easy to fall in love. Or maybe that’s just how novels are in general, I guess.

In the end, what I am trying to share with you today is this feeling of wanting to read them all again and watch Jane Austen related movies again. Jane Austen sure has that charm that made millions of girls spellbound over these fictional men. I surely hope I can read one soon, as soon as I finish my papers. Maybe I’ll read Persuasion again, or Pride and Prejudice. Whatever it may be, I hope many more would be reading Jane Austen to spread more good vibes in the world. Her novels may be old, but they will never ever be obsolete.

Have a great day.

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