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Top 3 Travel Bucket list

Hello. Here I am again, trying to distract myself from the texts I should be annotating right now. I really feel like writing right now, so I guess I shouldn’t stop that urge right? So for tonight, I am going to pour my thoughts about the places I want to go to right after college, when perhaps I already have a stable job. Aside from having a coffee shop, I also dream to travel around the world, discover new places, meet new people and capture those moments in a picture, in writing, or in any form of art. Hopefully, I will someday, but for now, let me just put it in writing.

1. South Korea

As some of you might know, I really like Korean dramas, k-pop, and Korean webtoons. There are a lot of places there that are surely packed with tourists but still, I want to go though. I like to learn more about their culture and meet people. Korean seem to be very nice people in variety shows, and funny too. Oh, I’m also a fan of Korean cuisine. Just lately, I learned how to make a tteokbokki and my family loved it. I put a lot of cheese there and it was so addicting. However, if you’re planning to eat some, make sure that you won’t eat too much cause you might get a stomachache. Having said that, I’m also curious of their street foods. I wonder how much I would need to get there? Hmmm… hopefully, I’d have enough money by then, and my parents would let me go there. I think having a friend in Korea is also a plus because you can have someone to recommend you where to stay and where to go.

If ever a Korean person is reading this, and you’re willing to be my friend, just comment below. (Kidding!)

2. England

As a huge Jane Austen fan, I think it is a must for me to visit Bath, Lyme and the places related to Austen’s novels. However, the place I most wanted to visit there is the Netherfield Parks in both the 2005 and 1995, Pride and Prejudice. While I’m at it, I must say London is also a dream place. I want to see the Big Ben, go to a couple of parks and take pictures. Maybe write or sketch, and just feel the London vibe. Visit Hogwarts…

Sometimes, I wonder if I would really be able to go there someday, but I’d like to be optimistic.

3. Paris, France

Have you ever read Anna and the French Kiss? Turns out, my main man Etienne St. Clair made me love Paris. The truth is, just like Anna in the beginning of the novel, I only know a little about Paris. All I know is that it’s a fancy place. I know Amelie, and I know that it is the city of Love and Romance, and the structures there have great architecture. Oh, I like French food. And cheese.

It would also be nice to have a French friend, and maybe tour me around Paris. Again, if you are willing to be my friend, just comment below. (Joke not joke #2)

Aside from these places, I also like going to where nature is. I like quiet places, places where you can really think and relax, just ponder on how life’s been going. Maybe a cold place, where I can just snuggle in my bed, read a book and drink hot chocolate. I also like going to beaches, not because I like swimming (I am very bad at it), but because I love the sunset. Which is also the reason why I also dream of having a house near the beach. However, I also thought it might be quite a hassle because our country is being visited by countless typhoons every year.

Well, that’s it. I need to do the real “stuff” now. What are your top 3 places? Let me know.

Have a great night.

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