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Hi there! It’s been quite a while since I last posted here.

Here’s how I’ve been lately: As a senior college student, I’ve expected these different kinds of stresses I’m actually facing right now because of acads, but other than that, I’m well, alive, and kicking. I’m taking up seven classes right now, and in about two or three weeks, I am going to be free again. Hopefully. (Although, I would still be working on my internship’s manuscript this December so that would keep my fingers on the keyboard all month long.) Next week is the final week of classes where I’ll be taking a lot of my final examinations on those subjects, while the week after that is the actual Finals week where I’ll be presenting my papers and pass my requirements. To be honest, these past few weeks have been a series of sleepless nights, and mental torture but I’m trying my best to survive them all. I can only thank God for keeping me strong and sane all this time or else I might lost my mind.

I’m also starting this new blog called “Batang Pinoy” and it promotes Filipino arts, language, and culture. I’m planning it to be a compilation of just any random facts, ideas, or concept related to the Philippines, in hopes to be a reference for students, teachers or just anyone to gain knowledge about the culture of our own. To anyone who would read this, make sure to follow the blog and share it so that it could reach more people.

As for my plans this coming Christmas break, I actually had plans of going to Mindoro but I think I wouldn’t be able to because of the scheduled events I have for the week I was supposed to go there. I was supposed to just relax there for just a week in hopes of clearing my mind with all the mental stress and be able to write for my manuscript. It’s quite sad, but I’ve come to think that perhaps it really isn’t the right time for me to go there.

This is my second to the last semester and next semester is, hopefully, my last. I must admit that despite all the hardships and challenges I have faced this past few months, I have learned a lot about myself and my capabilities.  Now I just have to pass all my exams, papers, and projects.

That’s all I can share for now. I have to work on the blog I mentioned above now. I’m really hoping I could make the best out of it.

Until my next post!



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