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If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me about it

I know I’m not perfect, but I do my best and mean well in everything that I do. I never intended any ill to anyone and if I’m doing anything wrong, please tell me about it. I’d rather be hurt about how you truly feel, than be ignorant of the truth. I’m sorry if I am oftentimes lacking, and I’m sorry if there are times I fail at things. Trust me, it wasn’t my intention.

In everything, I always try to understand others feelings, others situation.

But sometimes, I feel angry at myself for just letting things go. For letting somebody else make me feel smaller than I am. For just looking at the bright side. I know that it should not always be the case. I have to stand tall too. I have to stand up for myself.

But I just let it go. Most of the time, yes.

I let it go because I don’t want to cause a scene. I don’t want people to make a big deal out of it. I’m afraid it draw us apart, because I know it would. But doing so, I know that I hurt inside and I just keep it to myself. And I know that it’s destroying me inside.

I’m generally a happy person. But I have the capacity to hurt too… to feel pain, to be wounded.

I always mean well.

And I know that no one has the right to make me feel like crap.

11 thoughts on “If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me about it

      1. I’m not okay. I don’t know where I went wrong and things keep getting worse everyday. I don’t wanna focus on positive things because they’re mere diversions which don’t help me understand what’s actually wrong.


      2. That’s actually true, but in my case, I just can’t push the person to ask if I did something wrong. I don’t want to grow apart with the person, and that’s what’s hard.


      3. I won’t try to explain anything to myself. I over think and hours pass like that, then I turn the music on and carry on with my life. There are other things that need attention.
        But this person is different.
        I’m unable to concentrate on things.
        Trying to understand other’s perspective only hurts, so I apologise and try not to repeat the same thing again.


      4. I hope you get the answer you are trying to look for and finally have that talk with her. Your relationship may never be the same as before but hopefully when you finally get the answer, you get even a little peace inside you.

        Still, I wish you two would work it out. In time.


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