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To the Man

An open letter to the man I will love:


It’s always been a pleasure for me to meet new people and get to know worlds beyond my world. And with that, I must say it is a pleasure meeting you –for you introduced me to a story I would sure love time and time again.

I’ve always had so many hows and whys when I think of you. I’ve waited so long wondering in the fields, wondering when I would finally meet someone to hold hands like yours and share the joy of morning coffees and late night talks. Yes, I have dreamed of that. I dreamed of us travelling the world, and sailing across the ocean –trying new things we never would have imagined. I dreamed of us on a warm cozy bed, watching films or reading a novel to end the night. I dreamed of you kissing me good night as we lay down in bed, and you, protecting me from the dark.

You have always been a dream, before.

And my heart is overwhelmed to see you in reality.

It’s God’s promise. You are that promise.

I know that from the moment I will see you for the first time, it will be something different –something that will never be bound to only friendship– but to a deeper connection. That the moment I say my name once you ask mine is the moment that a peculiar, unfamiliar feeling will start.

It might get me confused for a while, so forgive me if I’m quite new in the process. You see, I haven’t actually felt something like this towards someone. I haven’t actually really liked anyone this much. More so, even trusted someone my heart.

I guarded it for a very long time.

Perhaps I was wired this way. But thank you for unwiring me. You knew how to see me. You knew me well regardless of those our hundreds of hours of talks, laughter, and stares. Regardless, you knew me. It seems as though we’ve met before, and it is this time that we are reunited. I’ve felt my heart beat so fast for thousand other things, but not like this. Yours is different. Its echoes get me nervous but excited at the same time. My heartbeat for you is an echo that can resonate in me forever.

I’d like to keep it that way.

So to you, my love, thank you for finding me. You came just at the right time God intended to. To you, my love, for loving me purely, for loving me without reasons or conditions, for taking care of me and understanding me, for everything. You loved me for me and nothing else matters.

I look forward to my adventures with you.

My heart and soul is yours forever.

2 thoughts on “To the Man

  1. This open-letter is one of the few that made my heart flutter yet again. It’s so inspiring just to read this one and oww, boy, just the idea of loving someone and being loved by someone so genuine is just another human thing that I hope I could find in this material world.

    All the love,

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