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Lax in La Union

It’s my first de-stress with the team, and we went to the infamous San Juan, La Union. La Union is a well-known place here in the Philippines for its huge waves –perfect for surfing. Since we stayed there during a weekend, the place was packed with tourists everywhere. Nevertheless, it was a weekend that ultimately recharged my system and a place worth going back to all over again.

The place we stayed at was at Urbiztondo, and it’s called Siesta. We stayed in a kubo which has four rooms and can accommodate more than ten people. What I loved most about the place is its overlooking view of the sea, as it is settled right in front of the short where you can literally hear the sound of the waves and feel the ocean breeze on your skin. The place also has its own pool where you can swim by during the afternoon under the shade of Talisay trees. Of course, I also grabbed the chance to take some pictures while relaxing over there with my officemates.



The second day was ultimately my favorite because I got to simply appreciate the view itself while not being surrounded by lots of people. I had the pleasure of sipping my morning coffee with the view of the beach right in front of me and it was just beyond perfection. It had me realize how much I needed this kind of break and how much I need to do this more often.



As my first official trip this 2020, La Union is a 3/5 for me. Definitely, I enjoyed my stayed there but I think I would enjoy the trip more if I was alone or with someone who would just enjoy silence with me. Though I really appreciated all the fun things I did with my officemates, I think I’d get to enjoy the place more if I had more freedom, and more time to spend.

Hopefully, there are more trips to come this year and I look forward to more silent adventures in store for me.





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