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The World Needs Us

The world needs at A LOT of prayers right now, MORE THAN EVER.

Ten minutes before I do my work, just ten minutes to let this all out. Everything that is happening in the world is unbelieving –that 2020 will come down to history books as a year of chaos. The start of the year came news of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, the Pacific Ring of Fire being active all over again, and who would have thought that things have only just begun.

On the other side of the world came, pests and storms, but the whole world was petrified just when Corona Virus came around. As some of you might know, I came from the Philippines, and our leaders have been a problem for quite some time now. Travel bans have already been proposed since early February yet it was imposed just a month after. It’s June now, and we are three months in lockdown already. My heart is aching for all those who have died because of the incompetency in leadership, and the misallocated priorities.

Now, we have arrived the latter half of 2020, and we are still fighting the same virus, only to realize that there’s more to come –another new virus, racism, and a new bill that can freely red-tag any critic of the government as terrorist. I am disheartened by how I have to wake up every morning seeing people rioting on social media, proclaiming #Blacklivesmatter, and  #JunkTerrorBill. At this point in time? Really? How come that we are still fighting racism and red-tagging? How can our governments still be as vain as they could be WHEN PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING? When will they ever think about the mass and not themselves?

I still dream of a new-age for the world, where competent, young leaders exist. I believe that someday, there will be leaders who will actually care for the people and not the power. Despite all this, life still goes on. We continue to fight. We must continue to pray for the world. Pray for our leaders’ hearts and souls that definitely must be cleansed of all evil that may surround them. I pray for the human race, and all the fights that we are fighting right now.

May we live to see a world of peace, harmony, and love. I am looking forward to it.

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