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Into A New Season

After graduation, I took a rest for 2 months and felt the urge to find a job. With that, I sent an application to different websites and a few days later, I got a message for an interview at an events company. I accepted the invitation and the moment that I got in the office, I took a test which was to actually a pitch for an event. Things were fast. I got accepted a week after and started with the job the week after that.

Entering the company, I met a lot of interesting people whom I’ve been close to a lot especially those who are in the same department as mine. They were all welcoming, and everyone was just ready to impart their knowledge to me. To cut it short, I had my moments with everyone. I won’t delve deep into the specifics but what I am sure of is that all of them have precious hearts and awesome in their own way.

To be honest, the final products of the work were amazing. I was able to do things that I didn’t expect I could do. I learned a lot, but I also did a lot. It came to a point that it really got me all stressed out, that I wasn’t able to give time for myself. It did not give me the work-life balance that I need. The work was mentally-challenging and it really did help me grow in a lot of aspects but perhaps I am meant for something different. I am aware that no job is easy, but for now, I deem my mental and physical health more important than my career.

Last weel, I was able to talk to my boss about my concerns about work. I finished my event first before saying what I wanted to say and here I am still contemplating a lot about my next steps. The thing is, I plan to resign. I feel drained and I feel like my mental and physical that needs my attention right now more than my career. Despite this, I am still grateful for all the learnings and opportunities they have given me. I can really say that I have matured a lot throughout the months and I’m ready to face a new season for me –a season of self-care and self-love.

Worries and anxieties are always there, but I won’t let it get into me. I am excited for what’s ahead of me, and I am sure God has greats plans for me in the future. I am sealed the deal today, and what I am praying for is that I say the right words to my boss as I send her my letter. I believe this step will allow me to grow furthe and I am excited for the future ahead.

This time, I am choosing myself.

One thought on “Into A New Season

  1. This speaks so much to me. Not that I want to resign, but it also served parallel to seasons that I’m being welcomed to and seasons that I need to bid farewell to. Keep inspiring @thatlittlegirl, it seems that you’re not that little after all.

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