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Bonjour, Emily!

Hey there! I just binged-watched the season two of Emily in Paris today. It has ten episodes which are about 30 minutes each so it took me five hours to finish the show. Given that today is a Wednesday and a work day at home, yes, i didn’t work, therefore procrastinated, which I shouldn’t be proud of and is definitely inexcusable. But anyway, time to focus on the show.

Emily in Paris has a specific type of audience. Ultimately, the show is made for women because hello? Who wouldn’t want to fall in love in Paris? Okay, maybe a lot, but I think there are a lot of girls who dream of going to Europe, have fun, meet new people (the men there though…), enjoy the food, the architecture… you already know what I mean. The second season of the show is a continuation of all the drama we got from season one, and definitely, more bad decisions. I can’t say I can make better decisions than Emily, but all the things just became more complicated than ever. To add, there is a lingering discomfort for me while watching the show, because as we know, Emily has a thing for Gabriel and vice versa, and Gabriel has a girlfriend which is Emily’s friend. So we kinda have Emily here as a main character/villain-ish. Why a villain, you ask? Because if she really wanted Camille and Gabriel together, she would not even flirt with Gabriel. AND DON’T tell me that she wasn’t flirting because we know that her eyes, and actions say otherwise. She may be pushing Gabriel away, but that night at the restaurant when she kissed Gabriel? That is a down right display of her internal interest in the man. DISCLAIMER, I do want Emily and Gabriel together. To say that I don’t seen Gabriel attractive would be a lie. Really. But it just doesn’t feel right that these two characters are cheating just to be together. I just wished for a better scenario with no cheating involved, but I understand… it’s a drama afterall.

Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 209 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021

Definitely, beyond all the drama of the show, it made me want to go to Europe even more. Can you imagine me going there? With outfits as lovely as Emily’s? I hope when I get there, I’d be more comfortable of myself and meet new people. Or maybe date? Who knows. When I get there, I also wonder if I’d get to meet the people I talked to on a dating app before (lol) specifically, this guy from France that I talked to before who was really sweet but reality slaps.

Anyhow, it’s been a year huh? Watch out for more cause I’ll be writing a lot more here again.

See you around.

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