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At Twenty-three

January 23, 2022

Hey there! It’s almost midnight here and I’m just currently absorbing everything that happened today. So this is what it feels like to be 23, huh? Today is my first time to celebrate my birthday away from home. To be honest, it’s quite sad `cause it’s been a while since I’ve been home, but I’m just trying to look through things in a positive light –just like a practice for me once I perhaps live in another country.

Writing here, I just want to capture all things I did today so that I can always have something to go back to in case I forget. So here it goes…

i love morning jogs… if only i can do this everyday, i would. (also… my shorts HAHA)

I actually woke up at about 4 am today, but I slept again because although my brain wanted to get up already, my body protested and won so I got up at 7 am. While still half-asleep, I dressed for a morning jog quickly and walked to the UPLB campus to exercise my body. I basked myself under the sun and just let myself feel the morning warmth on my skin. Los Baños has never failed to give me that inner peace with all the nature this town is so blessed with.

Calm and relaxed, I noticed something peculiar about my clothing… which from thereon forward has become my dilemma while I was taking a walk. Yes, my supposed jog became a walk for two reasons: (1) the shoes I was wearing was not really meant for jogging or running, that’s why my ankle was wounded a bit; and (2) I was wearing my shorts the other way round, so the stitches were kinda visible when you try to focus on it. OMG! I internally panicked and deliberated whether I should just go home. But then, I tried to calm my self down and just told myself to act natural. Fortunately, I was wearing black shorts so I was still able to hide it for a while. Plus, I was wearing a hoodie, so it was partially covered.

Fighting the urge to share the funny experience to my family and friends, I decided not to share it so this incident is a secret between you and I.

After the seemingly never-ending walk, I passed by St. Therese Church where a mass was about to start.

some pretty flowers growing beside the road

Since it’s my birthday, I wanted to drop by the church and light a candle but I thank God for the opportunity to attend the Sunday mass in person. But since I was wearing shorts, I opted not to enter the church and just stood outside, beside a bench.

Before the homily of the priest, a biker also stopped by at the church and stood at the opposite side of the bench which kinda bothered me for a while, because there are a lot of benches available where he can actually stand/sit. However, since I was there to pray and attend the mass, I chose to just focus on the homily and after that, the guy left. Processing what happened, I thought that it could be a cute scenario for a novel. Also, I loved the fact that since I was the only one who was attending the mass outside, a woman who just received the holy eucharist waved at me. So I nodded. It’s nice.

After the mass, I went straight back to the apartment and re-wore my shorts the right way. I then proceeded to Taste from the Greens to buy my favorite Match Creampuff Latte, then Eatsumo to buy Sashimi. I also bought a tofu dish and vegetable tempura since it’s what Mia liked. In the middle of waiting for my order at Eatsumo, My mom’s friend, Kuya Wewe, arrived at out street with the items my family sent me through Lalamove. I went back to the apartment just to fetch my things, then back again to Eatsumo for the food, then finally, back to the apartment to take a shower.

While disinfecting the things that arrived, I called my family and talked to them. I especially love the short letter they gave me, the cake, some money my sister gave me so I can buy webtoon coins (lol), and a bunch of spinach. Hay, I miss them so much.

After that, I can’t say much anymore cause I literally just slept after because I really only wanted to rest. I guess that’s what it means to be 23… I really feel more like an adult now, and everyday I just keep learning. I also owe this to our daily devotions that I am able to realize things and be more mature. To be honest, I am quite proud of what I have accomplished so far, given my circumstances –and all this wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the Lord.

i really felt the love from my family despite being away from home. thanks, fam.

There are just so many emotions I’ve been feeling lately, and so many thoughts flooding my mind –but ultimately, I am grateful.

Happy birthday, self.



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