Life and Adventures

Where will this lead me?

It’s currently 9:07 PM and tonight, I challenge myself to write my thoughts even just for five minutes. Tonight, I was reminded that I should be enjoying my life and not waste it on meaningless things. As I think about it, I think most of the things I do in my life right now are leading up to something. It’s just that on a micro level, I still have a lot of room for improvement.

For one, I still haven’t eaten dinner, yet here I am in front of my laptop–writing and chatting with my friends. Where this journey will lead me has always been a topic I’ve always been interested in. But of course, one would never know oneself’s fate.

I guess as I spend the last minute that I have, I would like to express my interest in slow living. While my life is as busy as it can get right now, I aspire on living slower and doing things more intentionally.

Hopefully, I get to do that in this latter part of 2022. It’s 9:14 and I am already two minutes past the time I dedicated in writing this post. I hope I can write more this year. We’ll see.


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