Life and Adventures

My Moon

My moon, I miss you
Countless nights I beg for your embrace
Yet only shadows of you fill me inside
It creeps my weary soul

“I should have foreseen this”,
That I thought many times
Full of regret, helplessly I cry
Then comes your light
To comfort my sorrow

“Neither did I”
The clouds have arrived
Longing wails deep within
Voices start to scream
A dark liquid bursts and drips

Then comes your light
Warmth began to be felt
I wiped my tears away
And looked afar
The sky is shining
The darkness is over
Still, I miss you, my love


What I need right now are comforting words… yet you can’t even give it to me. If even you can’t give it to me, I can’t expect it from anybody else. I’m just so tired. So so so tired… and I needed to hear those words from you the most… but even you can’t understand… Continue reading