What’s up with Last Sem?

So, it’s a new semester, new professors, new classmates, and new responsibilities. I don’t know what force of the universe made me write right now but I don’t know, maybe my hands just want to do it. Anyway, as I start a new semester, I want to take credit for the things I’ve learned this… Continue reading What’s up with Last Sem?

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FIL 21 – X : The Production

Petmalung Okipe ng mga Lodi. This was not my first production of the semester but this was more stressful than the first one, which was Ang Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba. Anyway, this is just a small play by our Fil 21 class, with our Prof. Layeta Bucoy which is about the stories of the characters… Continue reading FIL 21 – X : The Production

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Reasons kung Bakit ka Tinitignan ni Crush

“Saw you for like…3 seconds, and it made my day.” So… boredom and procrastination brought out the “writer” kuno in me though I REALLY REALLY need to study right now but (Hahaha! I know I’ll regret this later on…) Anyway, this post is for those who have crushes that are going really crazy for those fervent… Continue reading Reasons kung Bakit ka Tinitignan ni Crush

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Top 10 Young Adult Books Of All Time

“We lose ourselves in books, and find ourselves there too.” Young Adult books are really popular nowadays especially when they turn these books into movies. YA’s target readers are teenagers specifically ages 12-17 and its main characters are also of that age (which makes it more realistic to the readers, and makes them feel as if… Continue reading Top 10 Young Adult Books Of All Time