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First Day of my Last Semester

Today was tiring, yes, but today was also just the start. It is apparently my last semester in the university, and I hope to cherish all the moments I will make here until it lasts. I’m looking forward to a great semester and end this degree with flying colors! Here are some snaps I captured… Continue reading First Day of my Last Semester

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Chilling on a Monday afternoon

Hi! We’re currently chilling at Freedom park right now because Mia compelled us to do so. Hayy, busy talaga ang week na to at never kong plinanong mahiga ngayon sa damuhan (well, hindi talaga sa damuhan kasi dinala ko yoga mat ko). I guess kailangan ko na rin to siguro. The whole week sobrang pagod… Continue reading Chilling on a Monday afternoon

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Ako, Para kay B, at si Ricky Lee

I wrote this post last October 2017 pa so this post is really months months late na huhu (ew, ang arte pakinggan hahaha). I thought I published it but… 😭 October 2017 Bago matapos ang buwang ito, at bago ko makalimutan pa, kailangan ko na i-post ito. Medyo mahaba siguro tong magiging post ko ngayon… Continue reading Ako, Para kay B, at si Ricky Lee

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FIL 21 – X : The Production

Petmalung Okipe ng mga Lodi. This was not my first production of the semester but this was more stressful than the first one, which was Ang Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba. Anyway, this is just a small play by our Fil 21 class, with our Prof. Layeta Bucoy which is about the stories of the characters… Continue reading FIL 21 – X : The Production

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Stolen Glances


You close your eyes

I look at you

The wild beast inside

Slowly gains power

Once again

You close your eyes

and I look at you

You cast a spell on me


Freezing the moment

You close your eyes

I look at you

Where wonders are deep within

Hidden from all the Earth

I want to see them all

You close your eyes

I’m tired looking at you

Secret glances

To the eyes, I know

Will never meet

Yet I have no other choice

When our threads are intertwined

Every time this stupid fate

Keeps bringing me to you

Like this

And I know its my fault

To fall for Cupid’s trap again

Because I would still

Still look at you

Every time you close your eyes