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If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me about it

I know I’m not perfect, but I do my best and mean well in everything that I do. I never intended any ill to anyone and if I’m doing anything wrong, please tell me about it. I’d rather be hurt about how you truly feel, than be ignorant of the truth. I’m sorry if I… Continue reading If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me about it

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On re-watching Jane Austen Book Club

It’s been quite so long since I have watched a Jane Austen related movie and this definitely made me nostalgic of my first times in each of the Jane Austen novels. What I liked about this movie is how it gets to materialize the fiction inside Jane Austen’s world. It shows how these novels reflect… Continue reading On re-watching Jane Austen Book Club

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My Moon

My moon, I miss you
Countless nights I beg for your embrace
Yet only shadows of you fill me inside
It creeps my weary soul

“I should have foreseen this”,
That I thought many times
Full of regret, helplessly I cry
Then comes your light
To comfort my sorrow

“Neither did I”
The clouds have arrived
Longing wails deep within
Voices start to scream
A dark liquid bursts and drips

Then comes your light
Warmth began to be felt
I wiped my tears away
And looked afar
The sky is shining
The darkness is over
Still, I miss you, my love

Life and Adventures

Posible bang sumakit yung puso sa kilig? I cannot handle this. Ahhhh I am well aware that I’m stanning the right group. This group has made my heart go crazy and at the same time and for that… my heart is so thankful… I have never felt this way towards other groups and I am… Continue reading