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A tiny bit of crush

When the pandemic started, I tried this online dating app which was free at the time to roam around the world –swiping left and right with people you might hit things off. And you know me, with my delusional dreams of finding my Étienne, I went to France (lol, quick tip: it rarely happens in… Continue reading A tiny bit of crush

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Stolen Glances


You close your eyes

I look at you

The wild beast inside

Slowly gains power

Once again

You close your eyes

and I look at you

You cast a spell on me


Freezing the moment

You close your eyes

I look at you

Where wonders are deep within

Hidden from all the Earth

I want to see them all

You close your eyes

I’m tired looking at you

Secret glances

To the eyes, I know

Will never meet

Yet I have no other choice

When our threads are intertwined

Every time this stupid fate

Keeps bringing me to you

Like this

And I know its my fault

To fall for Cupid’s trap again

Because I would still

Still look at you

Every time you close your eyes

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Reasons kung Bakit ka Tinitignan ni Crush

“Saw you for like…3 seconds, and it made my day.” So… boredom and procrastination brought out the “writer” kuno in me though I REALLY REALLY need to study right now but (Hahaha! I know I’ll regret this later on…) Anyway, this post is for those who have crushes that are going really crazy for those fervent… Continue reading Reasons kung Bakit ka Tinitignan ni Crush