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On Getting Drunk, Responsibilities, etc.

I got drunk last night. Right now, I still have a hangover, my head is aching but not enough to stop me from writing. Drinking has always been a good way for me to spend time with my friends and unwind. I like it. I like the feeling of getting tipsy and having this slight… Continue reading On Getting Drunk, Responsibilities, etc.

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FIL 21 – X : The Production

Petmalung Okipe ng mga Lodi. This was not my first production of the semester but this was more stressful than the first one, which was Ang Tahanan ni Bernarda Alba. Anyway, this is just a small play by our Fil 21 class, with our Prof. Layeta Bucoy which is about the stories of the characters… Continue reading FIL 21 – X : The Production