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[LAB 9] Infographics : Top 10 Young Adult Books Of All Time

“We lose ourselves in books, and find ourselves there too.” Young Adult books are really popular nowadays especially when they turn these books into movies. YA’s target readers are teenagers specifically ages 12-17 and its main characters are also of that age (which makes it more realistic to the readers, and makes them feel as if… Continue reading [LAB 9] Infographics : Top 10 Young Adult Books Of All Time


[LAB 8] No Friend? Try Programming.

I never thought that programming can be this fun. You can like invent an imaginary friend if you have nobody to talk to. Hahahaha. You can also create an enemy, a lover, or anything. Programming leads you to so many possibilities. (Wow.) So we were asked to make Sequential, Conditional, and Iterative Statements in our program. Well,… Continue reading [LAB 8] No Friend? Try Programming.

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[LAB 3] Numbers. Numbers Everywhere.

So this week’s topic on IT 1 Lab is about… wait for it…. NUMBER SYSTEMS!  (*applause*) a writing system for expressing numbers, that is, a mathematical notation for representing numbers of a given set, using digits or other symbols in a consistent manner.  It can be seen as the context that allows the symbols to be interpreted as… Continue reading [LAB 3] Numbers. Numbers Everywhere.