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Where will this lead me?

It’s currently 9:07 PM and tonight, I challenge myself to write my thoughts even just for five minutes. Tonight, I was reminded that I should be enjoying my life and not waste it on meaningless things. As I think about it, I think most of the things I do in my life right now are… Continue reading Where will this lead me?

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Ako, Para kay B, at si Ricky Lee

I wrote this post last October 2017 pa so this post is really months months late na huhu (ew, ang arte pakinggan hahaha). I thought I published it but… 😭 October 2017 Bago matapos ang buwang ito, at bago ko makalimutan pa, kailangan ko na i-post ito. Medyo mahaba siguro tong magiging post ko ngayon… Continue reading Ako, Para kay B, at si Ricky Lee