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Getting Closer

As I have mentioned before, I’ve been taking an elective course this semester which is Devc 30. Today’s class was more than just a lecture. We have been visited by the UPLB Jocks to critique our Voice Diagnostic Exam. So far, I received good comments about my voice and my pacing, though their only comment was to mind my pitch, as I was going up and down during my spiel. They said my personality showed as I was talking. Hmm, perhaps that was my pretend-you-are-happy-though-you’re-awfully-tired self showing right there. or… I guess, that’s just my acting skills. Kidding!! Good for me, though I still have a lot to learn. The jocks showed how they do theirs during broadcast and they did sound like a radio dj, especially the guy. They look cool, I guess.

But that wasn’t the main highlight of this post!


Today at 11 am, I was scheduled for the Radio Console Practice and it was so exciting! I must say, I really enjoyed handling it, especially as I was talking, handling the songs at Virtual DJ, crossfade this, fade out that, wow. Really, wow. Oh, and it’s also a good thing that Ate Grace was there to guide me as I was practicing. She’s so friendly huhu. I’m blessed.

Say hello to my bida-bidang pimple on my forehead. But still, look at those happy faces.

For a while I really thought that this could be me. Of course, I know I am still lacking in impromptu speaking and all but the experience was so fun I really considered it as a future career. Hmm, maybe. We’ll see. Oh, I’ll also try to apply for internship in radio stations in Manila. I hope they’ll accept me despite being inexperienced. I’ll also try in broadcasting networks, advertising companies. Pray for me!

So far, this has been the most tiring semester I have ever been. Hope I could stay stronger to survive all of this.

Oh, you need a singer too? No problem, I gotchu fam.


HAHA! I look ugly there but the fact that it captured how genuinely happy I am makes it so precious. ✨✨✨

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