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[2016] Yet Another Lenten Season

Yesterday, March 19, 2016 our Catholic Community, Divine Love Community, organized a film showing for the young and young at heart to give back and share the blessings of the Lord to the people ♥. The admission was free, so anybody was free to come by, and thankfully, many did come. The film viewed was entitled “The Story of Jesus Christ for Children”, which was dubbed in Tagalog so that the kids would understand the story. It’s funny how the kids react as the story goes and I certainly hope that even though they’re still kids, they’re able to get something good from the film. It was also very fun teaching the kids about songs of praise and worship to the Lord. They were very active and cheerful while singing and dancing. Since the program ended on the evening, our community also gave the children and the other participants snacks and drinks for they sure were thirsty and hungry after that hour-long film. It’s truly a wonderful experience when you give back to the people and serve the Lord at the same time. I’m sure that this won’t be the last time we’re doing this. We are definitely gonna do this again.

Before saying goodbye, I just want to remind everyone that today is the Palm Sunday, the final Sunday of Lent, the start of Holy Week, and the commemoration of the triumphant arrival of Christ in Jerusalem, days before he was crucified. Yes, another Holy Week begins. Many of us are already excited to enjoy and have fun because it’s a long vacation, a time to get away from the busy reality. However, at times like this, it is important that we reflect on our Christian lives and re-connect to the Lord.

May the spirit be with you and may you make your holy week really holy!

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